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Joe Flacco should play against the Titans

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Baltimore Ravens Patrick McDermott-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Flacco doesn’t have any symptoms after taking that nasty hit last Thursday night against the Dolphins. John Harbaugh, as you can see above, said there is a good chance Flacco will be under center against the Titans.

It is officially Ravens week. The rivalry between these two hasn’t been as fierce in recent years, but if you have been a Titans fans as long as I have, since they moved here in 1997 (technically still the Oilers until 1999), you remember some bitter games between these two franchises. Unfortunately the Titans have been on the short end of a lot of those games. There is a trash can in a dorm on Lipscomb University’s campus that took quite a beating after a Monday night game back in 2001.

But that was the old Titans. Marcus Mariota is going to start his incredible second half run this Sunday against the Ravens at Nissan Stadium. I cannot wait to see the beatdown they are going to put on Baltimore!