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Report: Titans “kicked tires” on several free agent QBs

Pro Football Talk is reporting that the Titans reached out to several free agent quarterbacks, but no signing is imminent as of now.

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

The Titans have at least put feelers out to a few free agent quarterbacks this week — including a few that the Titans have faced over the past couple years — as Marcus Mariota’s availability is at least in some doubt for Sunday’s game in Miami.

Given what we saw from Matt Cassel in relief of Mariota on Sunday I tend to think that signing a third quarterback regardless of Mariota’s availability this week would be a good idea. Cassel looked like he had no business playing in an NFL football game on Sunday. His arm strength is gone and he compounded that with some terrible decision making. I get that coming in cold off the bench as a quarterback is tough, but we saw E.J. Manuel do it pretty effectively for the Raiders this week, so its not like it can’t be done. You probably wouldn’t want to cut Cassel immediately since it is almost impossible to get a quarterback up to speed in the middle of a game week, but signing a guy now would allow you to potentially transition away from Cassel over the next few weeks if that is what they would like to do.

I don’t think any of the options the Titans reached out to are particularly inspiring — although Barkley and Yates have both shown some promise at times. The problem I have with this group is the lack of mobility. It’s not that the Titans offense can’t be run by an immobile quarterback — it can — but it strips away a ton of what the Titans do in the running game. And not just on the plays where Mariota runs it himself either. The defense has to account for the threat of him running on every play which essentially means the Titans have one less man to block than most NFL teams. That aspect will be sorely missed if he can’t go on Sunday.