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Are we putting too much on the return of Corey Davis?

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Everything I have seen written or heard talked about over the last week has pointed to how much better the Titans’ offense is going to be after the bye because Corey Davis is going to return. Look, outside of Terry Lambert, I love Corey Davis as much as anyone. His ceiling is a top-5 wide receiver in the league.

With all of that being said, Davis has only played 1 full NFL game. He also didn’t get the benefit of participating in the majority of training camp or any preseason games. He is not just going to walk on the field and be the second coming of Randy Moss in his prime. Aside: Do y’all remember Randy Moss week here at MCM? That was maybe the best week in the 11+ year history of this site.

So let’s pump the brakes on the idea that Davis is going to be the cure all of this offense. The line needs to play better. Marcus Mariota needs to play better. Terry Robiskie needs to be a better play caller. If all of those things can happen, with the addition of Davis to the fold, this team will take major steps forward in the last 9 games of the season.

I also don’t want to see people around here calling Davis a bust if he doesn’t have a big game against the Ravens in week 9. That is the type of thing that tends to happen when expectations are too high. Davis is going to be a great, but he is still a rookie who has had a bad leg for a couple of months. Give the kid some time before you pass judgement on him.