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What options do the Tennessee Titans have at the NFL trade deadline?

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL trade deadline is next week. As major sports trading deadlines go, the NFL deadline is generally really boring. You hardly ever see major deals going down. Today the Chargers traded Dontrelle Inman to the Bears. That is about as big of a deal as you will see over the next couple of weeks.

Yesterday the 32 writers that cover the NFL for ESPN offered up one player that each team could/should try to trade before the deadline (In$ider). Cameron Wolfe listed Kevin Dodd as the player for the Titans. There is no doubt that Dodd would benefit from a fresh start. As Wolfe mentioned, Dodd needs to be a 4-3 end. With all of that being said, the only thing the Titans could possibly even get for him at this point is a 7th round pick. They might as well hold on to him.

I took a look at that list of players to see if there was anyone on there that would make sense for the Titans. The guy that immediately jumped out to me (and Terry because we were discussing it before our podcast last night) was Ty Montgomery. He would be an excellent compliment to DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry because he would give them a dynamic receiving threat out of the backfield.

Let me be clear, I put the chances of this happening at exactly 0%, but I think that of the players that could possibly be available, a guy like Montgomery would fill a pretty big hole on this roster.

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