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NFL power rankings week 8 and the Titans: All the “meh”

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Cleveland Browns Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

I talk a lot about the arrows when it comes to NFL power rankings. If you are new to the internet, teams typically get a green arrow point up after a win and a red arrow pointing down after a loss. This week we find the Titans in a rare place where they have 3(!) arrows...some are pointing up, some are pointing down, and one is even a yellow arrow pointing sideways. That’s what happens when it requires overtime to beat a winless team.

Here is our weekly look at the Titans rankings around the web:

Here is our weekly look at the

ESPN: 21 (LW:21)

The Titans are one of three teams with a winning record and a negative point differential this season. They've beaten the Jaguars, which boosts their division chances, but they'll need to be more consistent coming out of their Week 8 bye.

SB Nation: 16 (LW:15)

The Sporting News: 14

Tennessee’s offense was far from impressive in a win over the Browns, but they’ll try to fix things during this week’s bye before taking on the Ravens on Nov. 5.

Washington Post: 15 (LW:25)

Requiring OT to beat the Browns should count as only half a win. 12

A win is a win, but Titans fans can't be happy with a field-goal fest vs. the Browns.