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Titans-Browns snap notes: Eric Weems touches the ball on 100% of his offensive snaps

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Manufacturing touches for Eric Weems....that, my friends, is how you win football games. I really hope that over the bye week the Titans decide there is no place for the shovel pass in the offense because it isn’t 1984, but of course Terry Robiskie was in his hey day in 1984, so that is probably why he loves the play so much. The shovel pass to Weems was his only offensive play of the day. That is one more than he should have gotten.

Eric Decker led the receivers in snaps but didn’t have a catch in the game. His wife was pretty upset about it. Maybe they should hire her to be the offensive coordinator. Decker was in on 66 of 72 snaps. Rishard Matthews played 57 and Taywan Taylor played 32.

Jonnu Smith ended up outsnapping Delanie Walker 49-38. Obviously some of that had to do with Delanie getting hurt at the beginning of overtime, but there were only 10 plays after his injury. That means they were running pretty even before that.

There wasn’t anything that interesting about the defensive snap numbers other than Sylvester Williams was the most tackle for most of the day. Sly played 23 snaps while Austin Johnson played just 10.

The resurgence of Wesley Woodyard continues. He played all 73 of the defensive snaps.