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Will you get Titans-Browns on your TV Sunday?

The Titans are back to the Spero Dedes/Adam Archuleta treatment this week when they travel to Cleveland to take on the Browns. That is probably more of a commentary on the Browns than the Titans, but it will be nice when Jim Nantz and Tony Romo are back on the call.

ASIDE: How good is Tony Romo in the booth? Answer: A million times better than Jon Gruden.

That early slate on CBS is pretty brutal.

Here is the CBS late slate:

The game we get here is Cincinnati at Pittsburgh. It will be a good chance to see two teams the Titans will be playing shortly after the bye week (Bengals week 10, Steelers week 11 (Thurs night)).

We only get 1 game on FOX on Sunday:

Keep this between us, but if you are playing DFS on Sunday, that Dallas @ San Francisco game is going to be one you want to stack up.

Which game outside of the Titans game are you the most excited to watch?

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