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NFL power rankings week 7: The green arrow is back, baby!

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a while since we have taken the power rankings tour after a win. It will be nice to see an appearance from our old friend, the green arrow pointing up. He has been missed.

Here’s how the Titans rank around the web:

ESPN: 21 (LW:23)

The Titans have the third-easiest remaining strength of schedule. Of their remaining 10 games, only two are against teams that currently own a winning record: Week 11 at the Steelers and Week 16 against the Rams. The winless Browns are up next.

Yahoo!: 19 (LW:22)

Monday night was the kind of game you need to see before you crown someone a franchise quarterback. The Titans desperately needed Marcus Mariota to play through injury. He did, and played well. The Titans needed that badly.

Sport Illustrated: 21 (LW:21)

SB Nation: 15 (LW:26)

Washington Post: 25 (LW:26)

The running game didn’t really get revved up Monday night until Derrick Henry’s 72-yard TD romp in the closing moments, and QB Marcus Mariota wasn’t moving around all that well. But Mariota had a productive night throwing the ball, especially in the second half, and the Titans finally found a way to beat the Colts after losing to them 11 straight times.