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Titans vs. Colts: Reasons For Confidence And Concern

It’s time.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Normally, I would talk about last week’s game or rant about why I hate the Colts so, so, SO much here. However, I can’t even remember last week’s game because of how ridiculous it was, and honestly, I can’t trash talk the Colts until the Titans beat them. The time is now. Here we go:

Reasons For Confidence: Pass Rush, Aerial Attack, 8 is BACK!

  1. Pass Rush: The Colts’ offensive line is at the bottom of the league in terms of pass protection. They have given up 18 sacks, which is tied for the 4th most in the league. On the other side, Casey, Orakpo, and Morgan typically have great outings against this offensive front. Combine this all with Jacoby Brissett having a tendency to hold on to the ball too long, and we should hear Mike Keith tonight yelling, “SAAAAAAAAACCCCCKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!”
  2. Aerial Attack: Something else that it near the bottom of the league for Indianapolis? Their pass defense. They give up 308 yards per game, and with Marcus Mariota making his return to the field tonight, I’d expect a big game through the air.
  3. 8 is BACK!: What more can I say? It is evident that the Titans will go as far as Marcus Mariota can take him. I’m expecting the return of the team’s fearless leader to provide a much needed spark for this team. I know I’m incredibly excited.

Reasons For Concern: History, TY Hilton, Malik Hooker

  1. History: I apologize in advance, because we all know that we will hear this 82,000 times today and tonight: The Titans have not beaten the Colts since October of 2011. Yes, it is very annoying. Somehow, every time these two teams face off, every lucky bounce goes the Colts way, or something ridiculous happens to leave us all fuming by the end of the game. I am completely sick of it. It would be great to win tonight for many reasons, but getting over the Colts hump would be the best feeling of all.
  2. TY Hilton: This guy has a huge game against the Titans every single year. Most of the time, a big play by him is the deciding factor. The Titans signed Logan Ryan and Adoree Jackson to slow down some of these tough to defend wide receivers in the division. They failed their first test a few weeks ago, but can make up for it by slowing Hilton down tonight.
  3. Malik Hooker: The Colts have a new player for us to hate for the next 10 years. Hooker is a ball hawk, and is someone who needs to be accounted for every time Marcus Mariota drops back to pass. Delanie Walker is another player who typically has a strong outing against the Colts, but with the Colts’ new center fielder, a new challenge may present itself.

Prediction: I have been waiting for this game since the schedule was first announced. With Marcus Mariota coming back, the longstanding history with Indianapolis, and the game being on Monday night, I’m feeling the universe push this game in the Titans favor. 23-17, good guys.

P.S.—Take 2 minutes out of your day, and watch this video. It will be worth it.