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NFL week 6 picks against the spread

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

How is it week 6 already? We will have plenty of time to watch other teams on Sunday with the Titans playing on Monday night. It is really cool that we get to see the Titans on Monday Night Football, but it makes Sunday less fun.

The games that we are going to get here in Middle Tennessee on Sunday aren’t great. We get CLE-HOU and GB-MINN early and PIT-KC late. Meh.

This week I am picking games against the spread. There are 2 games that don’t have a line listed right now- Chargers-Raiders and Colts-Titans. That is obviously because the status of David Carr [UPDATE: David has been ruled out. We are still waiting to hear on Derek] and Marcus Mariota is still unknown.

Eagles vs. Panthers -3

Browns +9.5 vs. Texans

Lions vs. Saints -3.5

Dolphins vs. Falcons -10.5

Patriots -9.5 vs. Jets

Bears vs. Ravens -6.5

49ers +10 vs. Redskins

Packers vs. Vikings +3

Buccaneers vs. Cardinals +1

Rams +2.5 vs. Jaguars

Chargers vs. Raiders

Steelers vs. Chiefs -4

Giants vs. Broncos -10

Colts vs. Titans

*All picks are for recreational purposes only.