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Tennessee Titans News Links: "...I was truly humbled and grateful."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
JRob got himself a promotion yesterday! He is now the executive vice president (along with being GM). The tier now goes: Strunk and Adams family, team president and CEO Steve Underwood, and then Robinson. Robinson said he is both humbled and grateful for the promotion, and that the organization means a lot to him, and he is working daily to make it better. Strunk said he has done great work since arriving in Tennessee, and that this promotion is an acknowledgement of his work, and puts him in equal footing with others around the league who direct football operations. Congrats, Jon!

Quick Hit: Mariota wins Polynesian Pro Football Player of the Year.

The Titans focused on the interior this past off-season, and now Robinson is hinting at focusing on the perimeter this off-season. On Midday 180 yesterday he talked about how last off-season the goal was to have the fronts be the core foundations, and now he feels it's time to build off of that and branch out. He said they want to find a way to get the offense out on the field more, and to find a few more plays to get themselves into better scoring position when they are out there. #TeamCornerAndWR

Quick Hit: Matthews' big finale earned himself an additional $250k.

Jack Conklin played quite well this past season. Dominated even. Conklin learned a lot about what it means to play in the NFL this past season, and he also learned things like how to be on his own, and how to pay his own bills. He was selected 8th in the draft, and dude straight up exceeded expectations. I know not many people were too wowed or excited about the pick, but I was on board. Mularkey said Conklin quietly did his job this year, and did a great and outstanding job as well. Lewan said Conklin deserves to go to the Pro Bowl, and that he was consistent all year long. Keep being you, Jack!

Quick Hit: 20 categories, 20 leaders for the Titans in 2016.

That's all for today! Happy reading!