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Tennessee Titans News Links: "...I had something to prove."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
Bob Bratkowski and Jason Tucker: THEY GONE. Mike Mularkey gave both of them the boot yesterday. Bratkowski was the wide receivers coach, and Jason Tucker was assistant wide receivers coach. The receivers made some strides this season, but apparently Mularkey wasn't satisfied with the coaching at the position. Mularkey said he has a lot of respect for both of them, and thanked them for their work this season. He went onto say that the search for a wide receivers coach begins now.

Quick Hit: Titans are scheduled for uniform alterations in 2018.

Reported it in the links yesterday, but Kevin Mawae has been named one of the 15 finalists for the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame for the 2017 class. He was on a treadmill when he received the call, and he went through a wide range of emotions upon hearing the news. He said his whole career flashed before him, and he feels honored to be on the final list of 15. Mawae was named to eight All-Pro teams, and eight Pro Bowls during his NFL career. He said his days playing with the Titans were very special. He recalls his first game as a Titans was against his former team the Jets, being part of an offensive line unit that helped Chris Johnson rush for two thousands yards, the 99 yard comeback win against the Cardinals led by Vince Young, and several other fond memories. The Hall of Fame class for 2017 will be announced on February 4th. Good luck, Mawae!

Quick Hit: Three or four weeks before Titans will feel "normal" again.

Rapid Links!
Titans prove when you block, you can do anything.
WR Rishard Matthews delivered for Titans in 2016.

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