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Poll: What Titan was the Biggest Disappointment of 2016?

Which Titans player(s) most failed to live up to expectations for the 2016 season?

Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts
Perrish Cox (#20 of the Tennessee Titans) allows a big gain to T.Y. Hilton (#13 of the Indianapolis Colts).
Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The 2016 season for the Tennessee Titans was largely a success. The team tripled it’s putrid 3 wins in 2015 to finish 9-7, tied for first in the AFC South.

Even so, things could have been even better. If the team had managed to pick up just one more win somewhere along the way... well, who knows would could’ve happened? It’s even possible - though unlikely - that they could still be in contention for the Super Bowl.

The discussion of "most disappointing Titan" has less options - and is a little less depressing to talk about - on the heels of a winning season than it would’ve been at this time last year.

There are a few Titans who deservedly shoulder a larger share of the blame for the team’s struggles.

Topping the list for me is the cornerback triumvirate of Perrish Cox, Valentino Blake, and Brice McCain, who may have cost the Titans a win or two with their inability to cover or tackle in the secondary. Perrish Cox was so bad that he didn’t make it through the season. Due to relatively low expectations, perhaps Blake and McCain were not so-much disappointments as just bad football players.

Kevin Dodd was largely a disappointment after coming in with a lot of hype. The first pick of the 2nd round never got a chance to get going, as May foot surgery sidelined him early in the offseason. Kevin Dodd may or may not be in line for an illustrious career, but it doesn’t change that his 2016 did not live up to expectations.

Jason McCourty, while we knew he wouldn’t be the same player he once was, continued to decline down the stretch. Although it would be heartbreaking, it wouldn’t surprise me to see him released before the start of next season.

The defense overall was more of a disappointment than the offense, but we shouldn’t limit ourselves to that side of the ball.

Kendall Wright tops the offensive disappointments for me. Back in May, Jim Wyatt wrote about how the Titans were expecting more from Kendall Wright. After a hamstring injury, followed by a setback, knocked Wright out for the preseason, he got off to a slow start and wound up only playing 11 games. He was notably absent from week 14’s match-up with the Broncos after missing a team meeting, and was again a healthy scratch for week 17’s contest with Houston. It would now qualify as "shocking" if Wright were to be back with the Titans in 2016 after posting a "goodbye" message on Instagram three weeks ago.

Chance Warmack might also qualify as a huge disappointment, not just for 2016, but for his entire Titans career. This is another player that I would be surprised to see back with the team in 2017.

"Most Disappointing Titans" considers more than just the players, as some coaches also qualify for this ‘honor’. Special Teams coordinator Bobby April was fired after just four games. Wide receivers coach Bob Bratkowski and his assistant, Jason Tucker, were let go just days after the season ended. Offensively, the wide receivers were by far the most disappointing position group. And special teams was unquestionably the worst phase of football for the 2016 Titans.

What do you think? Is there a player that disappointed you more than any other based on your expectations for the 2016 season?