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NFL Conference Championship Odds and Super Bowl lines

Where can we make money this weekend?

Green Bay Packers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Last weekend I wrote up my gambling picks, for recreational purposes only, here. I hit the winner and over/under on all 4 games. I am pretty sure that has never happened for me and probably never will again. I should have actually put some money on things.

While it was a great weekend for me, it was a bloodbath for the odds makers in Vegas:

“Last weekend was our worst NFL weekend we have ever had mainly because of the Packers, so I am not surprised to see our bettors backing them again with over 70% of the action on them,” Kevin Bradley, SportsBook Manager, said in a statement. “We have a posted Total of 61½, which seems astronomical for an NFL Playoff game, but does not seem to be scaring many people away with over 75% betting the over. The other matchup seems to be more balanced with just a tad more coming in on the Pats so far.”

Here are the odds and lines for Championship weekend:

Conference Championship Playoff Round Lines

Green Bay Packers: +4 (77% of public)

Atlanta Falcons: -4 (23% of public)

Total: 61

Pittsburgh Steelers: +6 (45% of public)

New England Patriots: -6 (55% of public)

Total: 51

Conference Championships Odds and Ends

Who will record the most Passing Yards Conference Championship Weekend?

Aaron Rodgers: 9/5

Matt Ryan: 2/1

Tom Brady: 11/4

Ben Roethlisberger: 3/1

Who will record the most Receiving Yards Conference Championship Weekend?

Julio Jones: 2/1

Antonio Brown: 5/2

Julian Edelman: 5/1

Davante Adams: 13/2

Randall Cobb: 13/2

Taylor Gabriel: 10/1

Jared Cook: 12/1

Chris Hogan: 12/1

Who will record the most Rushing Yards Conference Championship Weekend?

Le’Veon Bell: 1/3

Any Other Player: 2/1

Super Bowl Odds heading into Conference Championship Weekend:

2017 Super Bowl 51 Winner

New England Patriots: 3/2

Atlanta Falcons: 13/5

Green Bay Packers: 15/4

Pittsburgh Steelers: 17/4

Super Bowl Line

NFC: +3½

AFC: -3½

Exact Super Bowl Result (Most likely to least likely)

Patriots beat Falcons: 13/5

Falcons beat Patriots: 17/4

Patriots beat Packers: 19/4

Steelers beat Falcons: 6/1

Packers beat Patriots: 7/1

Falcons beat Steelers: 15/2

Packers beat Steelers: 10/1

Steelers beat Packers: 10/1

Exact Super Bowl Result (Alphabetically)

Falcons beat Patriots: 17/4

Falcons beat Steelers: 15/2

Packers beat Patriots: 7/1

Packers beat Steelers: 10/1

Patriots beat Falcons: 13/5

Patriots beat Packers: 19/4

Steelers beat Falcons: 6/1

Steelers beat Packers: 10/1