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BTP: How did you become a Titans fan?

The trending topics today suck.

Seattle Seahawks v Tennessee Titans Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Normally Between the Posts is going to be about trending topics on Twitter, but today the topics aren’t even a little bit interesting, so I decided to go a different route today. How did you first become a Titans fan?

My story is pretty boring. I am born and raised in Nashville. I was a senior in high school when the franchise played their first game as the Titans in 1999. That season was obviously magical with the Super Bowl run.

Not only that, but the guys on that team were great leaders and fantastic in the community. They were easy to root for on and off the field.

And in complete transparency, I wasn’t even a Steve McNair fan until that final drive in the Super Bowl. I know it ended a yard short, but he willed the Titans down the field, and I still blame Yancey Thigpen for turning the wrong way on the play before the final play.

So tell us your story. What brought you to love the boys in the two-toned blue?