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Between the Posts: Welcome back to what’s trending!

Hello offseason.

NASCAR: 5-Hour Energy 301 Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The return of the offseason brings on the return of Between the Posts. BTP is a nightly column where I look at the the top 5 trending topics on Twitter and give my thoughts on them. Now, there is going to be a lot of political stuff in the beginning with the inauguration being this week, but we will navigate those tumultuous waters together!

So, what’s trending?


Apparently it snowed in Memphis today.

If you are from the south you understand that we are really fascinated with that white stuff that falls from the sky. Anytime there is any on the ground our cities shut down and we rush the grocery store for milk and bread- even though in my 35 years the roads have only been bad for more than 3 consecutive days twice in my life. Makes great sense!


The NCAA is hosting some type of conference here in Nashville.


That apparently has something to do with one of Donald Trump’s cabinet picks, but if you can see that and not think of this

I fear for your soul.

*Aside: Did you see how young Verne Lundquist was in that clip?


I like that one.


Just go to Twitter and read through those. They are pretty funny, but I’m not posting any of them here.

Anyone have any thoughts on any of these trending subjects??