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2017 NFL Draft: Mel Kiper Releases Post-Bowl Season Big Board

It’s that time.

NCAA Football: Tennessee at Texas A&M Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN’s lead NFL Draft analyst has released his updated big board, complete with fallout from all of the bowl games. Most big boards are useless, but with Kiper and McShay, you get some nuggets of information. Both of them will move guys around based on what they are hearing in scouting circles, so I like to pay attention to these.

Unsurprisingly, Kiper ranks Texas A&M’s Myles Garrett as the number one overall player. He’s got everything you want in a pass rushing prospect. I would expect him to stay on top of these ranks throughout the season.

Kiper ranks two running backs — Leonard Fournette (3) and Dalvin Cook (5) — inside his top five. The NFL was on a streak of staying away from backs in the first round, but recently has return to its old ways with Todd Gurley, Melvin Gordon and Ezekiel Elliott. These two are first round locks, barring anything too crazy. I’m not sure they go top ten though.

Popular Titans’ mock targets Mike Williams and Marshon Lattimore check in at nine and ten overall. Williams dazzled against Alabama on Monday night, but speed and separation concerns will linger with him. The combine will be very important.

The first quarterback on his board checks in at 16. It’s Mitch Trubisky. People are all over the place with Trubisky and the rest of the quarterback class as a whole. We’ll see if this group will demand premium picks — I’m not sold that they will.

One notable snub on this list: Corey Davis, the all time NCAA leader in receiving yards. Davis is a first round pick, plain and simple. He’s going to end up being my number one ranked receiver, in fact. I would expect him to appear on later additions of Kiper’s big board, but it’s surprising that he was left off in the first place. Davis does rank second on Kiper’s receiver rankings, over Washington’s John Ross.