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Tennessee Titans News Links: "He's got good hips."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
Here are five areas the Titans made big improvements in the 2016 season. Their rushing offense jumped from 25th in the NFL in 2015, all the way up to 3rd in 2016. The entire running game was revamped this season with the addition of Murray and Henry, and the offensive line played exceptionally. The rushing defense improved from 18th in the NFL in 2015, to 2nd in 2016. The defense stuffed the run of the opposition this season, and seven times they kept opponents from reaching 70 yards on the ground. Third down offense went from 29th in the NFL in 2015, up to 3rd in 2016. Mariota making quicker and better decisions this year was a big part of that. Passing protection was a huge improvement: 54 sacks were allowed in 2015, and only 28 were allowed in 2016. Gotta give a lot of credit to Russ #NeckBlocking Grimm. Finally, the deep ball went from 28th in 2015 to 9th in 2016. Mariota's improved accuracy, and the addition of Rishard Matthews made a big difference in the deep game.

Quick Hit: Fixing the Tennessee Titans: 7 round mock draft.

The off-season sucks. Especially this part of the off-season. There's not a lot of "news." It's mostly too early draft speculation, fluff pieces, and some form of dissecting the past season. With that said: Terry McCormick will be evaluating each position group, and he begins with the Quarterbacks. Mariota was awesome, but Terry says there is still things he can improve on: he appeared out of rhythm and struggled during certain games (*cough* Jacksonville! *cough*), and fumbles were still a problem (especially earlier in the season). Cassel did aiight against the Texans, and is a Free Agent, but could possibly return. Alex Tanney chilled on the practice squad all season, and probably needs to show he still has some worth during preseason.

Quick Hit: Eddie George reflects on Exotic Smashmouth, Derrick Henry, and DeMarco Murray.

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