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PFF Ranks the NFL’s Secondaries

The Titans weren’t last?

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NFL: Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Pro Football Focus has ranked every secondary in the NFL for the 2016 season. Shockingly enough, the Titans somehow didn’t finish last. They checked in at #25 overall.

Here’s the write up.

Okay, so maybe the secondary was better in the early season. All I can remember is firing up whoever the Titans were playing that day on my DFS lineups. When guys like Trevor Siemian and Matt Barkley are torching you, you have big issues.

Sure, Perrish Cox was a big issue — but he was hardly the only one. Brice McCain was beaten in big spots. Jason McCourty was average at best. Valentino Blake was dreadful. I’m looking forward to a total overhaul this offseason.

The Titans can hang their hat on Kevin Byard, who played well for the most part this season. He looks to be a key piece of this defense going forward. LeShaun Sims flashed a bunch and should compete for a starting gig on the outside next season.

Adding a slot corner and another man on the outside would do the Titans some good. They can’t get in a spot where they are relying on unproven rookies and over the hill veterans in the biggest games of the season like they did this year.