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Tennessee Titans News Links: Links For Ya

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
PK says it is too simple to think it's simple to predict the Titans' first round. He leads off with the usual notes: the Titans have two major needs (Cornerback and Wide Receiver), and that they have the fifth pick (from the Rams) and the 18th. Paul isn't convinced the Titans will take the best player at one of their biggest areas of need with their pick from the Rams. He said there are two variables to consider: Free Agency and Blue chip talent. For Free Agency he says the team has the money to attract players to the team, and the city and the fact Tennessee has no income tax will attract players as well. Not to mention the #MariotaFactor. As far as blue chip talent goes, PK says Robinson could stick and pick and draft best player available (even if that means he has someone ranked higher at a position other than receiver or cornerback), or if there are others that covet that pick: trade it away.

Quick Hit: Terry McCormick's wicked early 2017 Titans mock draft.

Jim Wyatt lists off the top 10 game winning drives in Titans history. His list has some rules: the drive must have ended in a game winning touchdown (not a field goal), it could have happened in the final moments, or it was a walk-off, or was a game winner in OT, and the Music City Miracle doesn't count. It's a pretty fun list, and there are definitely some memorable moments on there. Young's 99 yard drive against the Cardinals, Locker's TD pass to Hunter to beat the Chargers, Mariota's TD pass to Amaro to beat the Saints in OT, Collins TD pass to Alge Crumpler to beat the Ravens, and McNair's TD pass to Drew Bennett with 17 seconds left against the Texans are some of the drives on his list.

That's all for today. Happy reading!