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Tajae Sharpe 2016 statistical projections

What will Tajae Sharpe’s numbers look like in his rookie season?

Carolina Panthers v Tennessee Titans Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Every year there is a receiver in training camp that Titans’s fans get really excited about. Usually they flame out before the preseason is even over. That’s not the case with Tajae Sharpe. He is more substance than flash. That is the Jon Robinson way, and Sharpe is the perfect example.

Delanie Walker will lead this team in targets but don’t be surprised if Sharpe is second. It was pretty clear in the preseason that there is already a high level of trust between Marcus Mariota and Sharpe.

With that being said, how many targets are there going to be to go around? I see on average about 12-15 targets per year aimed at wide receivers. Even if Sharpe gets the most, how many is that?

That’s the question you have to answer when making this projection.

Project Sharpe’s receptions, yards and touchdowns.

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