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NFL picks and predictions week 1

Washington Redskins v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Football is back, baby! We saw a great opener last night between the Panthers and Broncos. It was great because it ended with sad Cam Newton. That makes any game great!

Last night in the open thread I picked the Broncos to win the game. That makes me 1-0 on the season. Each Friday I will be picking every NFL game here. Most seasons I do a terrible job, so you can feel free to mock me as we go along.

Here are Sunday’s picks. I will pick the Monday night games in the open thread for those games.

Ravens 20 Bills 18

I have a lot of Tyrod in fantasy this season. Hopefully he can have a big game in this one.

Texans 35 Bears 17

I hate the Texans and don’t think they are that good, but the Bears are worse.

Falcons 27 Buccaneers 20

Give me all the Julio in this one.

Saints 34 Raiders 31

This might be the most exciting game of the weekend.

Green Bay 38 Jaguars 24

Blake Bortles does what he does best, puts up some huge numbers in junk time.

Titans 20 Vikings 17

At’s rite, 1-0 again!

Bengals 23 Jets 21

Andy Dalton leads the Bengals to a victory in his return to action.

Browns 35 Eagles 31

Upset special! Maybe I have too much faith in Hue Jackson, but I actually think the Browns offense is going to be #good this year.

Chiefs 27 Chargers 17

Jamaal Charles is likely out, but that won’t slow the Chiefs rushing game against a really bad Chargers defense.

Seahawks 26 Dolphins 13

How many catches you think Justin Hunter has in this one??

Cowboys 21 Giants 17

All aboard the Dak train!!

Lions 38 Colts 35

You need exposure to this one in DFS. Trust me.

Cardinals 27 Patriots 13

It is going to be fun to watch the Patriots struggle early in the year.

Tell me where you think I am crazy.