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Mike Zimmer knows who will start at QB for the Vikings on Sunday

Sam Bradford will be the Minnesota Vikings starting quarterback on Sunday. You don’t trade 2 picks, one being a first rounder, for a guy to sit him on the bench. It also doesn’t make any sense to go with Shaun Hill this week and make a change next week. They might as well try to get some consistency in the offense from week 1.

Well the media in Minnesota asked Mike Zimmer after practice today if he know who he was going to start at quarterback, and this was his response:

That’s very sneaky there, Mike.

Here’s the thing, and Dick LeBeau said as much yesterday, the Titans don’t care at all who starts at QB for the Vikings in this game. They are keying on stopping Adrian Peterson. It doesn’t matter who hands him the ball.

The other thing about this is we aren’t talking about starting either Vince Young or Kerry Collins where one guy can run around and the other is a statue. The Vikings’ offense will look the same with either guy.