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Titans announce 2016 team captains

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans have just wrapped up their Thursday practice. Mike Mularkey announced after practice the players that will be team captains for 2016:

Mularkey said that team captains are voted on by the players.

The only real surprise to me on that list is Daimion Stafford. That doesn't mean he is a bad choice. I am not around the team to see how the interactions go. Stafford is obviously one of the leaders on the defense because the players voted for him.

One other thing that stands out here is the fact that all of the guys that were voted captain, with the exception of Marcus Mariota, have been in the league for a good while. It is obvious that the veteran players on this team have been leading the younger guys. That is the way it usually goes, but it hasn't always been the case here.