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Projecting stats for Titans RB Derrick Henry

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

So college and preseason beast Derrick Henry is going to have a role in the Titans offense. The tricky part is we just don't know exactly what that role is going to be. Mike Mularkey has said that DeMarco Murray is going to be the workhorse. Does that mean Murray gets a 60/40 share...or a 70/30 share. That is the tricky part to projecting what Henry's stats will look like this year.

My guess is, as long as both guys are healthy, Murray gets 65% of the carries. Henry probably gets every third series. Mularkey made it sound like that is how the rotation will go- series not situations like 3rd down or goal line. Whatever the workload ends up being, we already know that Henry will kill it.

Project Henry's rushing yards and touchdowns in the comments.

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