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DeMarco Murray 2016 projections

Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

It community projection day at MCM. We actually ran the Marcus Mariota projection back at the end of July. If you missed that one, you can click on the link and enter your projection. Today we will run projections for DeMarco Murray, Derrick Henry, Tajae Sharpe, Rishard Matthews and Delanie Walker. Check back often.

We start with DeMarco Murray. Mike Mularkey has given us every indication that Murray is going to be the workhorse back, despite how good Derrick Henry was in the preseason. That means Murray should get 20+ touches per game. Mularkey also said yesterday that Murray is going to be a 3 down back. That means he will be at least somewhat involved in the passing game, but we aren't going to worry about trying to project his receiving numbers. That's not why the Titans have him.

So your job is to predict Murray's yards and touchdowns for the 2016 Titans.