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Tennessee Titans News Links: "I am definitely excited."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
Kendall Wright has been ruled out "indefinitely." He originally thought he would be back in time for the opener against Minnesota, but he was sorely mistaken. He still cannot run at full speed, and his hamstring is not at 100 percent yet. Wright says he is still doing what he can, and is supporting his teammates, and keeping up with the playbook.

Mariota is looking to produce a big game on Sunday. That is always his goal, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that he is looking to start the season strong. Walker says he expects Mariota will be a little more "juiced" and excited given this will be the first game of the regular season. Light em up!

No surprise here: Murray will be starting over Henry. Both players had a strong preseason, but it really shouldn't be a shock that the Veteran is getting the nod over the rookie. Don't look for a "running by committee" system either. There's no set rotation for the backs, and substitutions will be made as the game progresses, and for the situations arising throughout the game as well.

Speaking of the running game: the Titans are looking to "make running sexy again." Thunder and Thunder (the media guys really need to work on something better) are going to be running in a smash mouth style, so can they bring sexy back? The running game certainly did look pretty impressive during preseason.

Some quick observations from Wyatt tells us that Sharpe is ready, Wright is out, and reiterates that Mularkey will be sticking with the "hot hand" approach when it comes to Murray and Henry. I'm really excited to see what Sharpe can do in the regular season. I was trying to temper my expectations for the guy, but dang it, I'm pretty #Hype on the guy at this point.

More of a picture book kind of person? Check out some photos from yesterday's practice.

crash8130 tweeted me an article from yesterday, and so I thought I would share it here with you all today. The article is by Daniel Jeremiah, and he ranks the top 20 rookies going into the regular season. There are 3 Titans on this list. Can you guess who? Well I'm sure you can, but I'm going to spill the beans anyway: Derrick Henry (5), Tajae Sharpe (8), and Jack Conklin (19). It's pretty sweet seeing our rookies getting some media attention. Especially three of them! When was the last time that happened? For good reasons too.

That's all for today. Happy reading!