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Matt Miller: 2017 NFL Mock Draft

Taking a first glimpse at next year's NFL Draft with Bleacher Report's Matt Miller.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Week one is officially here. No more talk, no more off-season fluff pieces -- just football. So let's celebrate with a brand new 2017 mock draft!

Matt Miller over at Bleacher Report just released one his morning with the Tennessee Titans picking at 3 and 12. His draft positioning was determined by Vegas super bowl odds.

Miller has two quarterbacks going first and second, with DeShone Kizer going first overall to the Browns. Deshaun Watson goes number two to the 49ers. This is a surprise, considering that Watson is widely mentioned as the run-away top prospect. Kizer will get a ton of love playing in the Notre Dame spotlight, however. The more top quarterbacks available, the better for the Titans. Could Jon Robinson get another "king's ransom?"

Tennessee kicks off their draft by selecting Myles Garrett, the stud pass-rusher from Texas A&M. Garrett's introduction to the 2016 season was an impressive one as he dominated UCLA up front. He was living in the backfield, killing one on one match-ups and racking up pressures. Garrett is nearly a lock to go top five, barring injury. He would be an instant upgrade over any pass rusher that the Titans currently have on the roster.

The Titans come back with the 12th pick and take Oklahoma cornerback Jordan Thomas. He's taking over the number one cornerback role for Oklahoma after registering five picks on the season in 2015. On the field he appears to be athletic enough to be a difference maker, but lingering off the field issues will cloud his draft process. He was suspended twice last season and has an arrest on his record. Just based off of last year's draft class, I'm not sure this is the type of guy Robinson will be looking to add.

While Thomas may not fit what the Titans want, I do think cornerback is at least the position that they'll be picking here. It's early, but it's obvious that Tennessee needs big time help in the secondary. Just a hunch, but I think Iowa's Desmond King will be in play here. But we have plenty of time to discuss all that.