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Tennessee Titans News Links: "...he hates losing."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
John Glennon rocks us with five burning questions for the upcoming game against the Vikings. What can we expect from Mariota? He had a strong rookie season, and rocked the preseason. Mariota wants to improve in two main areas: turnovers and accuracy. Here's to hoping he keeps getting better! Is the Titans running game really that good? Here's a depressing stat: no Titans running back has topped 100 yards in a game since Chris Johnson did in December of 2013. Awesome. Is the defense really this stinky? The defense left little to be desired during preseason. Let's hope that was all just a ploy. What QB will the Titans face? I believe the Vikings released their depth chart and listed Shaun "Almost Over The" Hill as their number one. So mystery solved? Finally: what kind of atmosphere should we expect? The team was horrible again last season, but there has been some buzz around the team since the off-season. Hopefully there will be a good home showing on Sunday, and that turn out will continue to grow as the season progresses.

Quick Hit: Mariota is uber competitive.

The Titans brought back Marc Mariani, and in order to do so they waived Tre McBride. McBride was a 7th round pick last year, and appeared to be having a strong preseason and training camp. Well have no fear! The Titans have added McBride to their practice squad (again). They released Ben Roberts so they could. McBride is an intriguing player to me, and I'm glad he was able to at least make it back to the practice squad.

Quick Hit: Henry is ready to roll in his new number. He better pay back that THOUSANDS!!!

Antwon Blake changed his name because he doesn't want to suck anymore. He wants to know be known as Valentino Blake. Valentino is his middle name, and he is looking for a clean slate. He also goes by Zilla if you'd prefer to call him that. Short for "Godzilla." I can't make this stuff up. No matter his name: he is excited to play for the Titans, and has liked what he has seen of the team during camp.

Quick Hit: Jace Amaro wants to learn the playbook and improve as a blocker.

That's all for today. Happy reading!