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Antwon Blake is changing his name to Valentino

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Wyatt has a story today informing us that Antwon Blake has changed his name. He will now go by Valentino, which is his middle name. Blake gave Wyatt this reason for the change:

“I wanted to make more of a formal switch, and that’s what I really prefer to be called,’’ Blake said. “Overall, I like Valentino more. I’ve been wanting to do it, and I figure a new team, a fresh start, so there’s no time like the present.”
Interesting that Valentino picked now to make this change and not when he initially signed with the team. Could it be because he got torched so much in the preseason? Maybe the new name will help him in coverage.

Blake signed with the Titans this offseason after spending the last 3 seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He spent the season before that with the Jacksonville Jaguars. He was with Dick LeBeau for 2 years in Pittsburgh. Hopefully LeBeau knows something we don't.