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Take the OVER on these Marcus Mariota stat predictions and win all of the money

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Bovada has released the odds on a few stats for Tennessee Titans players and we’ll be bringing them to you over the next few days. Up first is Titans QB Marcus Mariota.*

Passing yards: 3,300

To go over here, Mariota would have to average 207 yards per game (assuming he plays in all 16 games). I know the Titans want to play smashmouth, and they are going to be heavily invested in the run game, but 207 yards per game is nothing. Tajae Sharpe will probably have that many yards every week by himself..I kid, but I would take the over on this one.

Touchdown Passes: 18.5

Mariota threw 19 touchdown passes in 12 games last year. Again, to me this is an easy over. He needs just over a touchdown pass per game to hit this number. This offense is going to be better than people think. Take the over. FREE. MONEY.

Interceptions: 12

I am going to have to take the over on this one as well. Mariota threw 10 picks last season in limited action. He will be better this year than last, but the 12 number here is based on Vegas not thinking the Titans are going to throw the ball more than 10 times per game.

Rushing Yards: 325

Again, let's average this out- 21 yards per game on the ground gets Mariota over this number. I think we see 3-4 designed runs for Marcus per game...and that doesn't count yards where he breaks out of the pocket on a passing play. Take the over. Buy yourself a new house.

*For entertainment purposes only.