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Tennessee Titans News Links: Happy Labor Day!

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
The Titans trimmed their roster to 53 players, and as a result some jersey numbers were freed up. What does this mean? It means Derrick Henry finally gets a number he can use! No more spending THOUSANDS!!!111 The cutting of Dexter McCluster freed up number 22, so Henry decided to go with that. He picked the number because it was the same number his friend and past teammate in Alabama Altee Tenpenny wore in high school. Sadly Tenpenny died in a car accident in October last year. Henry will be wearing the number 22 in honor of him. #JerseyGramsHasBeforeMorgan.

Quick Hit: The IT Factor!!!

Players were available on the waiver wire yesterday, and the Titans had first pick of the litter. With their choice they decided to pick up Tight End Jace Amaro (previously with the Jets). The retirement of Stevens may have played a role in the decision, but Amaro doesn't appear to be from the same mold as Stevens. He has good hands, but blocking isn't really his forte. Picking up Amaro meant the team went back up to 54 players, so someone needed to get cut. Defensive Lineman Mehdi Abdesmad was that someone.

Quick Hit: Our second round players have sucked.

The Titans have signed 9 players to the Practice Squad. Kalan Reed and Antwaun Woodz are probably the names that are the most recognizable. The other names include Jerome Cunningham, Justin Staples, Tyler Marz, Ronald Patrick, David Fluellen, Curtis Riley, and Ben Roberts. Reed was one I was hoping to see make the final 53 (stupid Blake), so it's nice to see he at least made it to the practice squad. There is one spot remaining (at the time of writing this article) on the squad.

Rapid Links!
A position-by-position look at the 53 man roster.
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Six hot topics from Mularkey's press conference.

That's all for today. Happy reading!