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Tennessee Titans complete practice squad

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

After all the dust settled today on cuts and waiver claims, the Titans formed a nine man practice squad. All nine of the players were with the Titans in training camp- which is actually pretty rare. Here is the complete list:

TE Jerome Cunningham
RB David Fluellen
OT Tyler Marz
C Ronald Patrick
CB Kalan Reed
CB Curtis Riley
WR Ben Roberts
LB Justin Staples
NT Antwaun Woods

Reed was a 7th round pick by Jon Robinson. He was the only member of the draft class that didn't make the initial 53-man roster.

Woods was a guy that most people had on the 53 man roster because of where he was listed on the depth chart.

The practice squad will also be a fluid situation. If there is a guy that gets cut in the next couple of days that Robinson likes, he will be able to add him to this group and let one of these guys go.