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Does Gregg Rosenthal watch the Titans before he writes about them?

Apparently not.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Gregg Rosenthal wrote a piece on about the worst pickups from the 2016 offseason. He highlights Rishard Matthews and Andre Johnson in the piece for the Titans. I won’t argue with him about Matthews to this point, but including AJ doesn’t make sense, especially when you look at his reasoning:

Here is the play Rosenthal is referencing:

It is pretty clear to me, ad Lambert obivously, that a well thrown ball there gives the Titans a chance for big gain. Johnson had a step, but Mariota threw the ball flat and behind him.

You also have to wonder if Johnson would have been included on Rosenthal’s list if the referee hadn’t thrown a terrible flag on the ball AJ caught in the end zone late in the game.

That’s what makes me wonder if Rosenthal actually watched the Titans play before including Johnson on his list. The Titans didn’t bring AJ here to be the focal point of the offense. They brought him in to give them a chance in short yardage and the red zone. He caught the game winner against the Lions and should have had that touchdown against the Raiders that would have given the Titans a chance to win, because they were going to go for 2 after that score.