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Minnesota Vikings Trade For Sam Bradford

From Teddy to Shaun Hill... to Sam Bradford.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans' week one opponent will have a new face under center on September 11th at Nissan Stadium. The Minnesota Vikings made a bold move this morning, trading with the Eagles for quarterback Sam Bradford.

While nothing has been announced, I would fully expect Bradford to be under center week one.

The Vikings shipped off their 2017 first round pick along with a conditional fourth rounder for the veteran quarterback. That's seems like a move of desperation to me.

Minnesota was slotted to start Shaun Hill for this season, but a move to add another veteran quarterback was expect. Sending off a first round pick for Sam Bradford was not. The Eagles absolutely robbed the Vikings here, but this tells me that the Vikings are really concerned about Bridgewater's well-being past this season.

Now it looks like the Titans will be the first opponent Bradford faces. He's an obvious upgrade from Hill, but how much of the playbook will Bradford know by week one? He has exactly eight days to figure out the gameplan -- which should involve a lot of hand-offs to Adrian Peterson.