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Tennessee Titans News Links: "I've been wanting to be out there."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
Kendall Wright is anxious to get back out onto the field. He is tired of answering the questions, and tired of watching his teammates play from the sideline. He saw no playing time in preseason, and has yet to hit the field during the regular season as well. Mularkey feels there will be no limitations for Kendall during today's practice, and Wright certainly hopes that is true. Currently the Titans are ranked 24th in passing, and they could use any help Wright could offer them. I certainly hope he can help. The team needs it.

Quick Hit: Andre Johnson is ready for his return to Houston.

Glennon has five burning questions for the Titans heading into their first AFC South game of the year. Can the Titans keep Watt off of Mariota? I mean. I've heard people call Mariota dreamy, but try to control yourself Watt. Well you'll have to because you're moving to Injured Reserve. Darn the luck. Can Mariota stop the turnovers? So far this season Mariota has fumbled three times, and has thrown four interceptions. Not good. Gotta up that QB Awareness rating, brah. Can the team get out of the gate faster? Let's not wait until the final minute of the fourth quarter this time. Can Wright make an impact? I hope so. This receiver group could use some help. Is Perrish Cox ready for another challenge? McCourty will more than likely be defending DeAndre Hopkins. Leaving Cox to defend Will Fuller. DON'T GET BURNED!

Quick Hit: Jace Amaro is a positive takeaway from Week 3.

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