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Tennessee Titans News Links: Moving On

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
Six hot off the presses topics from Mularkey's press conference! What were his thoughts on Lewan? Mularkey said he has watched the tape, and the whistle was blown while Lewan was in mid flight. Mularkey went onto say there was no way Lewan could control himself while he was in the air, and if refs are trying to protect players, then they need to blow the whistle sooner. He says some other stuff on the topic as well, but I'm over it. His thoughts on the pass interference calls. Mularkey said he doesn't blame the refs for the loss, and just wants consistency on calls made. He did say that the team, as a whole, needs to catch better, play better, and coach better though. Another topic I'm already over: Mariota's blunders. Mariota himself said that he's guilty of trying to do too much, and that leads to him making mistakes. Mularkey says the team has been pretty thorough about ball security with him, and aren't looking to restrict him, but he would like to see our receivers try to help him out by making plays on contested balls. What's the deal with Wright and Walker? Wright will be practicing at full speed on Wednesday, and Mularkey is hopeful Walker will practice on Thursday. This paragraph is getting pretty long, so the last two topics he discusses are some thoughts on specific players, and injuries.

Quick Hit: Murray is playing a big role so far with the Titans.

I had a gut feeling the Titans might have gone for two if they had gotten that touchdown, and it appears that feeling has been confirmed. Mularkey stated that he told the offense, before they hit the field, that when they scored the touchdown, they were going to go for two. The Titans, of course, never got that chance, but it's a nice thought I guess? In an alternate universe they scored that touchdown, and got those extra two first. A man can dream ok!

Quick Hit: The pass interference call on Johnson was harsh, man.

Holy these wide receivers. They are losing too many battles, and they need to cut it out. Sure Mariota was off target here and there, but the receivers themselves said they need to do a better job at battling for contested balls. Matthews and Johnson both came out and stated there were contested catches on Sunday, and that they all need to do a better job at fighting for the ball. Please start doing whatever you can to catch a ball thrown your way. Please!

Quick Hit: The Titan's top waiver spot is coming to an end.

Kendall Wright is expected to make his season debut on Sunday against the Texans. I really hope this guy is fully healthy come Sunday, and I'm hoping he is really hungry to play (I'm assuming he is). Wright had a good week last week, and Mularkey cannot see any reason why he can't go full speed on Wednesday.

Quick Hit: Mariota will play against JJ Watt for the first time on Sunday.

That's all for today. Happy reading!