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DeMarco Murray and Taylor Lewan among the 10 best on Sunday

DeMarco Murray is a stud.

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Oakland Raiders v Tennessee Titans Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

DeMarco Murray is the best thing the Titans have going right now. So many people gave the Titans and Jon Robinson crap when they traded for him. Murray has proven that the issue last year in Philadelphia wasn’t him. It was the blocking, or the scheme, or whatever, but it wasn’t the fact that Murray lost a step.

Murray graded out as the 6th best player in the league yesterday per Pro Football Focus. Here is what they had to say about his performance:

The biggest surprise to be about Murray so far is how good he has been as a receiver.

Taylor Lewan graded out as the 10th best player in the league:

One last thing on the Lewan penalty at the end of the game, I don’t even have that big of an issue with him flying in right there. Whatever. My question is what is the upside there? Even if he makes contact with a Raiders player, instead of Murray, what happens. The play was over. Tajae Sharpe wasn’t getting any closer. Let it go and they have 4 shots at the end zone from inside the 5. Instead you back it up 15 yards and pretty much take away Murray as an option.