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Tennessee Titans News Links: "You can tell him I said that."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
Ohhhhh boy! Terry Robiskie threw some shade at Kendall Wright yesterday! Robiskie might have given some motivation to Wright though by doing so. Terry was asked what Kendall's skill set was. His response?  "I haven't seen Kendall in so long I don't even know what skill set he got. You can tell him I said that." Daaaaang son! Wright is officially back at practice, but he still needs to get back into "football shape." The timetable for getting into "football shape" is different for everyone, but Wright believes it won't take him long. T-Rob sees a bright side to Wright missing some time. He feels that, when he does come in, he will be "fresh legs." Mularkey has stated the team has been missing him, and that he is a very good player in the slot.

Quick Hit: The Titans' secondary is expecting a major test against the Raiders.

Let's check out three key match-ups for the Titans this Sunday. Match One: Taylor Lewan and Jack Conklin vs. Khalil Mack (handicap match). Mack is sackless (huh huh) so far this season, but he still good. Mack typically lines up on the left side (of the defense), but he has been known to switch back and forth. Match Two: DeMarco Murray vs. Ben Heeney (slobberknocker!). Murray has shown he is a versatile back. The dude can both catch and run well. His biggest match up will be against ILB Heeney who gets a lot of action against running backs. Match Three: Jason McCourty vs. Amari Cooper (no-holds-barred). McCourty has given up two 30 yard catches so far this season. One in each game. He is going to have to bring his A game against Cooper. If, IF, McCourty can contain Cooper, then the Raiders' offense should be a bit hindered.

Quick Hit: The Titans are eager to take their field back from visiting fans.

Some quick observations from yesterday's practice sesh. Defense, defense, and a little more defense. So far the defense has only allowed one touchdown, and that was given up playing against the Lions. The Titans are one of two teams (Seattle) that have yet to allow two touchdowns. LeBeau has been pleased so far, but the biggest thing he has been pleased with is "effort." The Titans elevated Curtis Riley from the practice squad to the 53 man roster. Riley feels blessed to have gotten this chance, and will continue to keep doing what he's doing. Injury update: Wright and Morgan both....practiced yesterday. Derrick looked better than expected, and Wright worked to get half the reps yesterday. Walker, McCain, and Zilla also practiced yesterday.

Quick Hit: Why the Captains are sporting the "C" patch.

Rapid Links!
Carr and Mariota compare notes on taking notes.
Murray gets strong reviews for work as flight DJ.
Mariota is proving to be a gamer when the game is on the line.

That's all for today. Happy reading!