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Tennessee Titans News Links: " made me feel welcome."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
We've got five burning questions heading into the game against Oakland. Can the Titans build off of their victory against the Lions? This is perhaps the most popular question asked about this team since their win on Sunday. The last time the team won two games in a row was at the end of the 2013 season. And now I'm depressed. Can the defense contain another high performing offense? The defense held off the Lions offense, and so far has only allowed one offensive touchdown. Can they keep Carr and Cooper in check? Let's hope so. Who steps in if Warmack goes down? Warmack sustained an injury to his finger on Sunday, and he may need to undergo surgery because of it. There are four options in case he can't play: Schwenke, Kline, Tretola, and Dennis Kelly. Can the Titans find a deep threat? I have a feeling we will be asking this question for awhile this season. Finally: which penalty team will show up? Will we get the disciplined Titans team, or the heavily penalized Titans team? Let's hope for the disciplined version.

Quick Hit: Titans will honor the MTSU men's basketball team on Sunday.

Kevin Dodd made an impact in his first NFL start on Sunday. Dodd recorded the first sack of his early career against the Lions, and he also recorded six tackles and was credited with a quarterback hurry. His snap count also tripled compared to that against the Vikings. The game was a huge confidence booster for him. Especially considering the fact he missed all of training camp, and two preseason games due to recovering from surgery. Dodd said he felt comfortable being out on the field, and feels like he held his own, and did pretty well. He also gave credit to linebackers coach Lou Spanos for doing a good job at keeping him fresh by rotating players throughout the game. Being able to contribute has made him feel welcome, and he is here to contribute.

Quick Hit: Titans' scoring defense a big early surprise.

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