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Paul Kuharsky got Delanie Walker fined by the other Titans tight ends

The camera is always watching.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

I had the chance to check out the Delanie Walker show on the Midday 180 today in studio. It was a pretty cool experience. The show takes place every Tuesday from 1-2 on 104.5 The Zone. You should check it out. Delanie does a great job of breaking down things that happened in the game the Sunday before.

Here is an interesting tidbit that came out of today’s show:

If you click the link you will see a photo Delanie hugging Titans controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk. Well the other tight ends on the Titans fined Delanie $100 for “sucking up to the owner.” It was pretty funny moment when Delanie found out it was PK that took the picture.

Delanie broke down his touchdown catch and Andre Johnson’s touchdown catch on the show today. It is always fascinating to hear the players involved in the play talk about it. You get a different insight.

Here is the full audio of the show (h/t to marimbi).