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NFL power rankings week 3: An uptick for the Titans

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

It is time for our weekly look at the NFL power rankings around the web. This is always a lot more fun after a Titans win. I like seeing the green arrow next to their name on all the sites. Maybe after the win against the Lions we will see a slow, steady climb for the rest of they year. Hey, I can dream, right?

Anyway, here is where the Titans rank on the various sites (I will add more as they become available):

SB Nation: 24 (LW: 26)

Washington Post: 19 (LW:29!):

It all worked as the Titans envisioned Sunday at Detroit. Second-year QB Marcus Mariota was very good, and the running game helped out tremendously, highlighted by DeMarco Murray’s 67-yard dash. There undoubtedly will be ups and downs all season. By no means have the Titans arrived yet. But as long as they can continue to see signs of progress, that should be enough.

Yahoo!: 25 (LW: 29)

Big win by the Titans, coming back on the road to win late at Detroit. And the Titans didn’t play terribly in Week 1, they just had two brutal turnovers that were returned for touchdowns. There’s an interesting matchup at home in Week 3 against the Raiders.

ESPN: 21 (LW:26)

This team is built to run, yet they've dropped back to pass at a higher rate this season than last. A 1-1 start isn't bad, but they'll need to hit the ground running if they want to keep winning games.