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Tennessee Titans News Links: Bring On The Regular Season!

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
I didn't get to watch yesterday's game, but from what I've heard Derrick Henry shined again. He had 7 carries for 62 yards, and scored a touchdown. He also had a 26 yard run where he just made defenders look silly.

His size and surprisingly good feet have translated well to preseason games, and they will give the Titans great confidence about the Murray-Henry one-two punch in the regular season, which kicks off Sept. 11 with a home game against the Minnesota Vikings at Nissan Stadium.

Quick Hit: How much control will Robinson assert on the 53 man roster?

Mariota was told at coin toss that he wouldn't be playing last night. He performed as best as he could during the games he played in, and that has made him feel good about going into the regular season. He acknowledges there have been some ups and downs, but feels there have been more ups, and have built a solid resume heading into the regular season.

"I am sure once we go into work tomorrow it is all full steam ahead into the regular season,'' Mariota said. "And that has to be our mentality. Enjoy this win, enjoy what we have done, but it really doesn't mean anything. This is our opportunity now to kind of take what we've learned in the offseason and build upon it for the regular season."

Quick Hit: The Titans ended the preseason in impressive fashion.

Three thumps up, and three thumbs down from John Glennon on the Titans win over the Dolphins yesterday. Let's start with the bad this time. Tanney had some problems. The good news is he completed 12 of his 14 passes, but the bad news is he threw 2 interceptions. Kalan Reed didn't do well returning kicks (that may be an understatement). He fumbled twice, and just generally didn't look comfortable out there. The Titans continued to struggle against backs out of the backfield. Ok now the good stuff! The defense didn't let the Dolphins score on the first drive! Sure it was against second stringers, but still! Mularkey benched Murray for the game, and gave Henry the bulk of the work, and he looked good. Finally: the power mentality is there. Henry wasn't the only one showing some power out on the field. Andrews also had a good showing, and was physical on the field as well.

Quick Hit: The attention now turns to roster cuts.

That's all for today. Happy reading!