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Watch Mike Mularkey’s post game speech after win over Lions.

It is pretty clear the Titans players like playing for this guy.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Mularkey got his first win as the official head coach of the Tennessee Titans yesterday. Delanie Walker presented him with the game ball after the game. Mularkey the gave this speech:

Here is my favorite part from the speech:

“We can finish games. We can win on the road. We can comeback. We can. We can do it all if we stick together like we have.”

It was also cool to see Mularkey give the game ball to Jon Robinson. This roster has a lot more talent on it than in years past. Most of that is thanks to Robinson’s efforts in free agency and the draft. This roster will be really good after another full offseason of Robinson calling the shots.

It is hard not to feel better about this team after they found a way to win that game. How may of those games have we seen them be on the other end of over the last decade? It is incalculable as Michael Scott would say.