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Report: “Many close to Peyton Manning think the Titans are the only team he is interested in owning”

Here we go again.

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Jason La Canfora is still beating the Titans are going to be for sale drum. I ignore him for the most part, but he did have one nugget in this story that was new. Amy Adams Strunk was fined a significant amount of money this offseason because of the current ownership structure of the Titans. At this point we still don’t know for sure what the issue is, but the speculation is that it has to do with the team being split into thirds.

It seems pretty unreasonable for the NFL to expect one of the partial owners to be able to buy out the others. That would take a substantial amount of cash.

The part of the article that brought you here was the continued speculation that Peyton Manning could be interested in owning a part of the team. La Canfora assumes Peyton would want to be part owner and president- though Manning has never said anything publicly about having any desire to own an NFL team.

La Canfora also continues the speculation that Jon Bon Jovi is interested in owning the team- although Bon Jovi denied this speculation publicly last year:

My guess is that La Canfora still really knows nothing about what is going on with the Titans ownership.