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Titans-Lions snap count notes: Kevin Dodd plays 54% of the snaps

The Titans second round pick played a pretty big role on Sunday.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Dodd got his first career start on Sunday against the Lions. It was a pretty good start for the rookie as he notched a sack and 3 tackles. He was on the field for 43 of the 79 defensive plays. That number leads me to believe that he is 100% healthy. That is good news for a Titans pass rush that has struggled for a very long time.

On offense, the most interesting note is that Tajae Sharpe played all 67 offensive snaps. The next closest receiver in number of snaps was Rishard Matthews with 36. The amount of trust the coaching staff has in the 5th round rookie is pretty astounding, but hey, when you perform like Sharpe has it earns you a lot of playing time.

It’s also interesting to note that Anthony Fasano played 46 snaps. The Titans spent a lot of day with two tight ends on the field.

Also, DeMarco Murray played 41 snaps and Derrick Henry played 31...for those of you scoring at home.