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Tennessee Titans News Links: We won? WE WON!!!

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
We won! I can't believe it! Unfortunately I couldn't watch the game yesterday, so I welcome articles like John Glennon's that give a quick run down on what happened. I kept up as best as I could on facebook and twitter, and one thing was definitely clear: the game wasn't decided until the final seconds. Perrish Cox wasn't doing so well, but then he went and redeemed himself by picking off Stafford at perhaps the best possible moment ever. Glennon gives his "Hero of the Game" honor to DeMarco Murray. Total yards produced by Murray were 145 (19 rushes for 89 yards, and 7 catches for 56 yards). Murray is looking like a solid off-season pick up, and hopefully that continues. The win gives the team some MUCH needed confidence, and hopefully they can grow from this win. The passing game struggled until the final drive of the game when Mariota went 9-of-9 passes for 74 yards and capped it off with a touchdown. More of that. Please. Glennon also gives a brief rundown of moments that are worth noting (but it's too long for me to list out here).

Quick Hit: Amy Adams-Strunk reiterates that there is nothing wrong with the Titans ownership structure.

Sticking with Glennon for a moment: here are some thumbs up, and some thumbs down from yesterday's win. Let's start with the thumb's down first (so we can end on a high note). Offensively the team was inadequate. They managed to score 16 points, but it wasn't pretty for much of the game (outside that final drive). The sacks allowed were disheartening. Mariota was sacked three times in the first half. Ridiculous. Penalties upon penalties upon penalties. The team committed 8 penalties for an accumulated 52 the first half. Overall they committed 12 penalties for 83 yards. Unbelievable. Final thumbs down: the deep pass is still a problem. Short throws were the story of the game, and the first time Mariota went deep...he got picked off by Glover Quinn. Ok now the good! As mentioned above: DeMarco Murray. Delanie Walker got involved in the offense this week. Walker hauled in 6 catches for 83 yards and a touchdown yesterday. The defense was stingy. They have only allowed one touchdown so far this season. SAAAAAAAACK! The Titans recorded four sacks yesterday. And finally: the team found a way to finish strong. PLEASE BUILD FROM THAT.

Quick Hit: Five things to know about the Titans' win against the Lions.

The Titans marched down the field late in the fourth quarter to come back and win the game. Who caught the game winning touchdown? Andre Johnson. Detroit's defense game a look that Mariota liked, and decided to exploit it. The defense put a linebacker on Andre, so Mariota put the ball where Johnson could make a play, and the future Hall of Famer delivered. Andre says it feels good to have made the play, and that he knows this is his role now. He knows he needs to be ready when his number is called, and that he needs to go out and make the play when it's his time to do so.

Double Quick Hits!
Mariota leads the game-winning drive for the Titans.
Perrish Cox redeemed himself with a late interception.

That's all for today. Happy reading!