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Marcus Mariota is king of the comeback

75% of Mariota’s career wins are a result of a 4th quarter comeback.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

One of the marks for a great quarterback is his ability to lead his team to victory when they are behind in the 4th quarter. Marcus Mariota has shown that he has that ability to this point in his young career:

Here’s to hoping he has a lot more wins this year, and even some where they don’t have to come from far behind.

Mariota and Jameis Winston are always going to be linked because they went 1st and 2nd overall in the 2015 NFL Draft. Last week a lot of people were pointing to Winston’s performance against the Falcons and Mariota’s performance against the Vikings and saying that Winston is really far ahead of Mariota. That dialogue will quiet down this week after Winston was 27 of 52 for 243 yards with 1 touchdown and 4 interceptions against the Cardinals today.

The bottom line here is that both guys are still young quarterbacks. They are going to have a lot of ups and downs early in their respective careers. The guy who learns how to play consistently week in and week out is the guy that is ahead. Neither one of them are there yet, but I’ll still take Mariota by a long shot.