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Tennessee Titans News Links: "I've been making strides."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
Bad news: Morgan is most likely out against the Lions. Good news: Dodd is making some big strides, and impressing the coaching staff! Dodd missed a few weeks of training camp/practice due to injury, but he's been making some big progress since returning. Mularkey is anxious to see Dodd out on the field. He notes he has practiced really well, and they drafted him where they did for a reason. They want the dude to play. LeBeau feels Dodd will be an effective pass rusher, and that so far Dodd hasn't done anything to make LeBeau feel otherwise.

Quick Hit: Into podcasts? Here is one featuring Glennon, Wolf, and Rexrode.

Three observations from yesterday's practice by Jim Wyatt. We've already touched on this, but Dodd has been making strides in practice. Dodd is ready to play and contribute to the team, and he is looking to earn the trust of his teammates. Angelo Blackson has been standing out to Wyatt. Dude was disruptive against the Vikings, and even recorded a tackle for a loss. His goal is the same this year as last year: be disruptive, make plays, contribute as best as he can, and continue to improve. Updates on injuries. Wright is officially out against Detroit, and Morgan didn't practice again. The team is waiting to see Wright have three solid practices at full speed, and according to Wright, he feels he will be ready next week.

Quick Hit: McNair, George, Mason, and Mawae are among 2017 HOF nominees.

Mariota and the new receivers are working out the kinks (not the band). Three of Mariota's main targets are brand spanking new to the team: Matthews, Johnson, and Sharpe. It makes sense, then, that some adjustments are still being made between them. Sharpe was short a few times on his routes on Sunday, but it's understandable since he is a rookie, and that was his first real NFL game. Matthews and Mariota have been showing signs on some timing issues, so Robiskie suggested the two of them stay after practices, and work together to fix that issue. Johnson let a touchdown pass get away from him on Sunday, so hopefully that doesn't happen often.

Quick Hit: Conklin will be going up against his favorite childhood team this Sunday.

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