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Tennessee Titans News Links: Don't Dwell On The Past

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
The Titans are in search of a deep receiving threat. They have a mid field threat in Delanie Walker. Both Henry and Murray offer threats out of the backfield. But do they have a deep threat? Short answer is that it's too hard to tell right now, but it's looking like a need. Against the Vikings Mariota averaged 6.6 yards per passing attempt, and was only 1 for 6 in deep passing (that completion was to Sharpe for 17 yards). New receiver Rishard Matthews notes that he doesn't think the team went really deep even one time. There are a few reasons why the team hasn't had much success throwing deep down the field and here are two: Mariota's strength in the passing game is his accuracy in short to mid throws, and the line doesn't protect long enough for deep plays to develop. Mariota was sacked twice against the Vikings, and both times, according to Mularkey, were due to the line not holding up long enough, and notes that both times were plays where shots were going to be taken down field. Do a better job, line!

Quick Hit: Golden Tate is eager to play against his hometown team.

Kendall Wright practiced!...but he is unlikely to play against the Lions. He returned to practice yesterday, and this is his first time doing so since August 29th. He was officially moved to "limited," and Mularkey wants to see a full week of practice before putting him back out on the field. In other injury related news: Morgan did not practice. He hasn't been officially ruled out for Sunday's game, but if he is then Bass will start in his place, and both Dodd and Wallace will see some increased work.

Quick Hit: Taylor Lewan is vowing to work on penalty issues (fundamentals, play through the whistle....)

Mariota isn't one to dwell on the past. As a young freshman Mariota lost against Stanford. He was wicked mad after the loss, and kept dwelling on it. Some of the older players told him to let it go, otherwise one loss would turn into two. Mariota has learned how to deal with those losses, and not dwell on them as time has moved on. He gives himself a "24 hour policy" to reflect on the win or loss, and then moves on to the next game.

Quick Hit: Three observations from yesterday's practice.

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